Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bali Rural Commune

*** This is another late post. It was in October 2016. Information mention below can be different from today’ experience.

We visited Bali Rural Commune as a part of journey on cruise-ship. The cruise itself was a two weeks Australian Coast & Bali Cruise with Celebrity Solstice

We were in Bali Sea early morning around 7 am, but because it was a tender port, it took sometimes for us to be inside the bus at the port.The tour we booked on board was called Balinese Culinary Experience shore excursion with price USD 129.00 per person for 1 day excursion. 

At this port, all passenger had to be board the least 4.45 pm. We arrived back from our tour around 3.30 pm. Some of us could do shopping first at the port before back on board.