Monday, March 12, 2018

Visit Zugspitze from Munich by Train

*** This is a late post regarding travel in December 2017

It was Christmas day when we decided to go to Zugspitze, to have our brunch at Sonnalpin. On Christmas day, we heard that it could be not many restaurants open, so… we  thought well, we should go to a place where it opens on Christmas day for tourists and serve food.
I know, I know, ... I am not good in making perfect excuses. 😊

Anyway, we were staying few days on Christmas holidays in Munich. It wasn’t our first choice to spend our days far away from our family, but because of special circumstances, we had to use the tickets that we already booked few months before to fly to Munich.

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As we stayed at Le Meridien which is across to München Hauptbahnhof, we didn't rent a car. We took train to Garmisch-Paterkirchen and took another train to Zugspitze.

We bought Bayern-Ticket from the machine. When arrived in Garmisch-Paterkirchen, we walked for few meters and followed the sign to Zugspitze  (I don't remember exactly what it says on the sign, but you will find the way easily 😎).  We showed our Bayern tickets at the counter when we purchased Zugspitze tickets and got discounts.  Checkout their price on this link. We chose Zugspitze Adult All day ticket without cable car.  


On the way up, the train to Zugspitze was full but no one had to stand. I  think a lot of people already went up early in the morning because when we arrived there, people were enjoying the winter sun and were skiing. On the way back was different. We took second last of the train that went down to Garmisch-Paterkirchen and it was packed. People had to stand in the aisles all the way down. We did had to change train in between the way up/down though.  

The food at the restaurant was ok as it was just an convenient restaurant, nothing fancy.

We went straight to Hard Rock Café when we arrived back in Munich, for the desserts 😆  and we were happy it was open on Christmas day. It wasn’t open on Christmas night though. They closed at 12 pm on the 24th.  

So, we could have our brunch at HRC too ...  neaaahhh... 

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