Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Korban Pertama: De Indonesische Overzeese (Indover) Bank

Demikian judul salah satu berita dari RTL7, berita finansial: Het eerste slachtoffer: noodregeling voor Indover Bank

Video (versi Belanda): Indover heeft met name professionele partijen als klant

Pagi tadi sewaktu memulai hari: log in ke systems, masuk ke mail, eh.. ada ada berita forward-an dari De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB - BI nya Londo): tentang perkembangan terakhir dari Indover;  Bank Indonesia di Belanda. 'Anak' dari Bank Indonesia.

Setelahnya, ya mulai googling deh.

Ini berita versi bahasa inggris di The Jakarta Post:

Dutch court freezes Indover assets

A Netherlands court has frozen the assets of Indonesische Overzeese Bank NV (Indover), on the back of a growing financial crisis in Europe and the bank's dwindling performance.

All individual assets stored in the bank (which amounted to some US$15 million) will be guaranteed by the government, the court decreed on Tuesday.

The court's ruling on Indover, which is partly owned by the Bank of Indonesia (BI), was made at the request of the Netherlands' central bank.

BI (Indonesia's central bank) has invested Rp 53.9 billion into the company, which in the last couple of years has been registering losses. Indover has subsidiaries in Singapore and Hong Kong.

BI is currently in the middle of divesting all of its shares in Indover, as set out in the Central Bank Law which forbids BI from owning a profit-seeking subsidiary.

Earlier reports suggested Indonesia's biggest bank by assets, Bank Mandiri, was proposing to acquire BI's shares in Indover. (and)


ya ya.. mudah-mudahan ndak menjalar ke mana-mana dehhh..


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