Tuesday, May 02, 2006


"My name is Dalton Russell,
pay strict attention to what I say because
I choose my words carefully and never repeat myself.
I told you my name, that's the who.
The where can most readily be described as a prison cell.
But there is a vast difference from being stuck in
a tiny cell and being in prison.
The What is easy, recently I planned and set in motion
a manse to execute the perfect bank robbery,
that's also the When.
As for the why, beyond the obvious financial motivation,
it's exceedingly simple...because I can.
Which leaves us only with the How,
and therein as the part will
tell us lies the rope."
-- Inside Man (2006)

perampokan? kekerasan? penyanderaan?
tak semudah itu. uang bukan segala.
sejarah lebih berbicara.

sedang mencoba copy-paste = mamfet. :lol: